Korilakkuma is the common accompaniment to Rilakkuma, a smaller, child-like white bear with a mischievous personality. She has the opposite personality to laid back Rilakkuma.

More InformationEdit

Korilakkuma frequently plays pranks on Rilakkuma while he is sleeping. Korilakkuma doesn't say a word, but sometimes, she imitates what Rilakkuma is saying. Korilakkuma also has the appearance of a bear, but also has a red button attached to her chest, and so it seems that she is also not a real bear. However, unlike Rilakkuma,she doesn't have a zipper on her back. She loves playing with his radio controlled duck. Like Rilakkuma, she also likes listening to music, particularly at loud volume using his music player.

Fun FactsEdit

  • Korilakkuma's gender is often misinterpreted thanks to the rough translations on San-X's Japanese site, stating Korilakkuma as a 'he'.
  • Her favourite foods are strawberries, apples and cherries.
  • In Korilakkuma's name, "ko" means child or younger one.