Rilakkuma is a Japanese character made by San-x. He has his own shops in places such as Kichijoji and Tokyo.

About RilakkumaEdit

Rilakkuma has been revealing his appearance since September 2003, turning into one of the ultimate "kawaii" brands for San-X. Other than his name basically meaning 'Relax Bear', and him originating as a character in a kids' storybook, there is very little information about him...however, we do know he loves dango rice, pancakes, omurice and custard pudding, but could eat a variety of foods, based on the author's style. His friends are Korilakkuma (the white Rilakkuma-style bear) and Kiiroitori (the bright yellow chick).

Who is Rilakkuma?Edit

Rilakkuma is a mysterious character. He lives at Kaoru-san's, the office lady, house. Rilakkuma enjoys eating odango and other fruits.

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